Bob looking at a trio of races starting with #marketrasenraces

No joy yesterday, at least one of the bets (The Henderson horse) would have been disallowed under the new rules I am thinking about involving the 30 day strike rate and the trainer rating on Massey’s Website.

You may want to avoid the less than 30% strike rate bets whilst I am still working things out.

Market Rasen – N Henderson 31.1% Strike Rate (25.5% in last 30 days) 102% Win Return, Trainer rating 82

  • 3:25 Follow the Bear 9/4

Brighton – D Simcock 25% Strike Rate (15.4% in last 30 days) 105% Win Return, Trainer rating 84

  • 2:30 Leopardina 6/4 (2pt bet)

Uttoxeter – A Ralph 25% Strike Rate (13.3% in last 30 days) 171% Win Return, Trainer rating 104

  • 3:15 Damut I’m Out 3/1

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