Free Stats – Bob is in Heaven! #horseracingstats

There is no doubt about it, horse racing relies upon stats, yes my wife may pick a winner by the colour of the silks, my son may do the same by pointing at one but there is nothing like looking through the stats and picking a winner.

For my historical stats I tend to look through various results pages and pick out the relevant stats, put them on a spreadsheet and do a bit of analysis which I put on the website. There are ways out there in which you can do this automatically using scrapers and the such. Sadly, my skills lie in other areas.

Fortunately other people can do this and some of them offer the stats for free. Flatstats is one such site where you can access stats on the flat races and manipulate them in various ways, if you pay the membership you get more ways of dealing with the stats.

Another site which has a shed load of free data is the one made by Adrian Massey. I don’t know how he does it but he must manage to scrape the data from every race going and then give you ways to analyse that data. Awesome. My hat is doffed. I guess when I finally retire perhaps I may look to up my scraping skills. Or I could drink wine. Hmm decisions.

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