Bob gets all statted up for #newburyraces and others!

I am still working on the Cheltenham festival stats so do not have the time to do my usual historical look at the races today. However, I will take a quick plunge into the stats on Adrian Massey’s website that I talked about in my previous post.

I have had quite a good week using his stats and have had a 50% success rate and +11 points. What I did was to look at the course stats for the races each day and focus on trainers who had  %win return above 100% and a strike rate no less than 25%. This means that you get very few horses a day but you can be sure if they win it will be good value most of the time.

Looking at todays races:


  • Emma Lavelle: Boomarang 4:05


  • No trainers running today with a good win % return and strike rate. However, Nick Williams has a good place strike rate and e/w return, so consider the following: Flying Tiger 3:10, Le Cameleon 4:50.

Chelmsford City

  • Again no great winners here but Jonathan Portman has a good e/w record and return. He has the following horses running: Walk on Water 7:00

I think Baz is going to look at some other stats for the races, so it will be interesting to see if he matches any of the ones I found.

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