Thursday’s picks at #chepstowraces, #sedgefieldraces and #ludlowraces

The %win return / % strike rate method is still chugging on nicely using Adrian Massey’s data so I thought I would try and add something new to it and see how it goes. At the moment we are just looking at Trainers who have horses racing, but how about Jockeys? Some jockeys are course specialists and hired by stables because of this. Some of them have some very good %win return / strike rate stats and must be worth a shot alongside the trainers. So I will start adding some in, particularly on days with not many bets, and see how it goes.


Sedgefield – N Mullholland [43% Strike rate / 138% win return]

  • 2.05 Molliana 2/1

Chepstow – T Lacey [29% Strike rate / 305% win return]

  • 2.50 Fair Kate 5/2
  • 4.00 Alberto’s Dream 10/1 (E/W)


Ludlow – B Geraghty [42% Strike Rate / 124% win return]

  • 3.00 Allelu Alleluia 6/1 (e/w)
  • 4.10 I’dliketheoption 7/1 (e/w)
  • 4.45 Musical Slave 4/5

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