First Month Review of the % win return/ strike rate method

I have tried out a number of different methods over the years and most start out ok and then seem to just dive bomb. This method of picking trainers with 30%+ strike rate and 100%+ win return using Adrian Massey’s 10 year course stats at least seems to churn out winners on a regular basis.

The strike rate at the moment is a fairly good 43%, considering it is based around a 30%+ strike rate from the trainers.

In terms of profit, the method is 27 points up, which is definitely comparable to some other published methods I have used. The thing is you have to stick at it, you cannot miss out a day otherwise that is when the win will happen and you will lose out.

In terms of winners most tend to be short priced but occasionally something bigger comes along to bump it up.

So I think I will keep using it for the moment. There might be some other similar methods I can look at as well. But that would be for a later date.

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